integrating ancient wisdom with a modern approach to create personalized lifestyle + mindstyle habits for your insanely cool uniqueness


My passion is to help people hack old patterns of thinking and behavior and instill upgraded habits to align with their evolving identity that create an amazing life of vitality and abundant energy.

A TRUE LIGHT! I have taken yoga since 1983. It has been part of my life, but Tracy has made a huge impact on how I practice and how I live. She is a living example of a way of life. A genuine teacher that enables you to execute your practice whatever your emotional or physical situation is at that time while giving you tools to live lighter and brighter. I am very grateful for having her as an instructor and leaving a loving footprint on my heart.
— Lillian Monhait
I have learned so much from Tracy about my body and my health over the past few years. She is nurturing, committed to health and wellness and is a great teacher. Ayurveda has been a passion of hers and I look forward to learning even more from her.
— Julie H