Day by day…moment by moment…we are constantly evolving.

Even in the darkest of hours, when you think you’re devolving, there are lessons to take forth which bring greater opportunities to dive deep within and ride the storm and come out stronger and wiser.  Sounds easy, huh? It’s not.  When I found myself in an abusive marriage, the idea of being free brought me so much comfort…but the reality of how to get there scared the shit out of me.  I felt helpless, weak, and totally out of touch with my badass Self.  

“I should have known better. “ 

“Why am I still here?”  

“Haven’t I learned anything from all this yoga stuff??” 

Oh the mind chatter…I mean seriously?  I’m a yoga teacher…I should know better.

While having this pity party, I just so happened to be in a puddle on the floor finishing off a bottle of vodka in an attempt to quiet that monkey mind of mine.  But when I became present and listened and really tuned in to the silence beneath the noise, I found her.  She was sad and broken, but she was there…fully intact.  I scooped her up, hugged her tight and dove in head first to the biggest challenge I had ever faced. 

That’s when I began “being” yoga…not just doing yoga.

I want to give a huge shout out to Tracy Stonaker who is a complete badass mama! Her sense of humor, energy, and intellect inspired me to dream big and realize my potential. Thank you so much for the encouragement and love! I now have a new perspective and am not so hard on myself if I do not adhere to all the habits religiously. I am kinder to myself and am not beating myself up. This feels so much better to me. Ironically, it is motivating me in a more authentic way to get curious without judgement. As a result, I am naturally choosing healthy habits the majority of the time. Amen sister!
— Carrie S

The multi-faceted systems of Yoga and Ayurveda offered me a safe space to hash out all the negativity and bullshit that had been fed to me for years.  I filled my toolbox with all the necessary components to re-build a stronger and more powerful version of me.  Once I became fully integrated within my body and my spirit, I felt a sense of ease, and with that ease I stepped back into my power and created a life of peace and joy.  

I found yoga in 1997.  I’ve been teaching yoga since 2003.  I started living yoga in 2013.  Always refining…evolving…redefining.  These ancient teachings are part of our innate knowledge and the systems present us with the means to efficiently apply this intelligence in our modern world.  We have to get out of our own way and allow our inner guide to align us to our most authentic self, while maintaining self-compassion. 

Having more than 20 years of experience, it’s all about Sanskrit sans bullshit and I do the damn thing via habit hacking courses, personalized plans, unorthodox experiences and so much more.

Rooted in thousands of years of science and healing, these premium programs and experiences are a modern and simple blueprint that incite a life of thrive and offer clients a slightly irreverent take on applying a deeply relevant practice to their lives so they can experience transformation in a real, all-encompassing, no BS way.

We all come to this life party with different experiences and particular patterns that we’ve created along the way.  I recognize people’s unique individuality. Based in the Mindstyle of Yoga and adopting the Lifestyle of Ayurveda and Functional Medicine,  I will greet you where you are and bring an authentic approach to guiding you to the realization that you are the architect of your inner self, living through inherent strength and purpose. 

Whether coming to your mat, to the table, to your job, to your family or to yourself, my goal is to awaken you to your source of power and begin the inner evolution.