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education and groundwork

I am constantly immersing myself in the knowledge of all things yoga, ayurveda and wellness.  My training includes adventures with many teachers and modalities, but I am well rooted in the following:

Epigenetics Coach, Apeiron Zoh Academy. Leveraging genetics, epigenetics, scientific and technologic advancements to create new levels of human performance and potential. We stand at the edge of rapidly expanding human evolution and many game changing new paradigms. Apeiron is the leader in the new paradigm of systems-based precision lifestyle medicine.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, FDN.  Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) is a methodology used to recover and maintain the best health possible. We investigate underlying causes of unwanted conditions including lifestyle, the environment and individual weak links in metabolism. FDN protocols are potent, proven, professional and individualized to build health!

Functional Medicine Health Coach, Academy for Integrative Medicine.  Using the latest findings in genetics and other cutting-edge lab testing to guide individuals towards optimal health by using an approach to health that considers the whole person (and not just isolated symptoms) and finding the root cause of imbalance and disease (Functional Medicine). 

Ayurveda Wellness Counselor, Kerala Ayurveda Academy.  Ayurveda’s emphasis on diet and lifestyle can have a profound positive impact on those who practice the wisdom.  The first goal of Ayurveda: To preserve the health of the healthy.  Ayurveda is an ancient science of longevity, yet is more relevant in our modern day society.

Darshan Method, Jim Kulackoski.  The Darshan method is a systematic approach to yoga based in the principles of the Vedic and Tantric Sciences. The Darshan Method naturally leads one to the cultivation and realization of their full potential, physically, mentally and spiritually. It provides a unique, easy to follow methodology, which produces powerful results and is suitable for anyone, at any age, from any walk of life.

Vinyasa Krama Yoga, Srivatsa Ramaswami.   Vinyasa Krama Yoga is a step-by-step progression through asana, moving from simple to complex.  This slow-flowing approach to yoga uses the breath to guide us from one pose to the next.

Yin Yoga, Paul Grilley.  This functional approach to yoga asana emphasizes the opening and clearing of the meridian channels and uses long holds to bring a deeper focus on the connective tissue, joints and bones.

Music, from the school of Phish.  I’ve been a lover of Phish since the early 90’s.  I teach classes around the country with a non-profit group, Surrender to the Flow Yoga, to raise money for two charities. The Mockingbird Foundation brings music and instruments into underprivileged schools and Street Yoga brings trauma-informed (and occasionally, population-specific) yoga and mindfulness classes to organizations that serve youth.  

I have travelled down a few other paths on my journey to where I am today.  Some of these experiences include:

  • Epigenetics Coach

  • Functional Medicine Health Coach

  • Ayurveda Practitioner

  • Yoga Health Coach

  • Certified Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher

  • Certified Raw Food Nutrition Specialist

  • Ashtanga Yoga

  • Anusara Yoga

  • Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher

  • Certified Hybnobirthing Natural Childbirth Educator

  • Level III Reiki Practitioner