simple tools to manage daily stress

Are you feeling more stress than ease in…

your body?

your emotions?

your thoughts?

your relationships?

Your choices can heal you or undermine you...

Do you choose a future of ease or a future of stress?

1 - Identify and connect to the stress.  Notice how it feels in your body and mind.  It may show up as muscle tension, body aches, fluctuations in eating habits, irregular digestion, anxiety, fearfulness, loneliness, sadness, “busyness” (aka avoidance) or a myriad of other symptoms.  We live in a high-paced, over-stimulated, undernourished and restless environment.  If your goal is to reduce stress and the many ways it manifests in your life, you have to face it.  Accept where you are, otherwise, you’ll never get to where you’re going.

2 – Decide if you are ready to change.  Align your awareness to where you want to be.  What would if feel like if you didn’t have excess tension in your body?  What would it feel like to be free of the aches and pains that are born from stress?  What would it feel like to digest experiences and food without fear and anxiety?  How would that shift your perspective?  What is stress costing you? 

3 – Incorporate small changes for big impact.

  • YOGA/MOVEMENT – start with 5 minutes a day of body awareness and movement.  Walking, yoga, biking, etc…whatever it takes to get your body moving.
    • DEEP BREATHING – start with 5 minutes a day of tuning into your breath and consciously moving toward a slower, deeper breath to calm the mind
    • MEDITATION – start with 5 minutes and day of sitting in silence to observe thoughts and sensations. Draw your attention to one idea or word (mantra). 
    • UPGRADE YOUR FOOD CHOICES – add more fresh fruits, vegetables and superfoods to your plate.  Enough said.
    • SLEEP!!! – start with going to bed 15 minutes earlier.  Lack of sleep is a public health problem.  Insufficient sleep reduces our ability to concentrate, fogs our memory, increases depression, makes us more susceptible to weight gain and pre-mature aging and increases stress.  


4 – Flourish in the benefits.  You’ll begin to notice positive changes in your thinking, behavior and body as you apply these changes.  You’ll want to add more time for the breath, body and mind practices.  You’ll crowd out the bad foods with nourishing and nurturing ones.  And as you add more sleep each night, you’ll greet each day with more clarity and vitality.